peach Bra Spring Sale and a Shift to Athleisure!

peach Bra Spring Sale and a Shift to Athleisure!

That’s right! We’re having a peach bra spring sale, and a shift to athleisure wear! Discover peach has made a few exciting changes that I think you should know about. I will give up all of the details right here, so grab your favorite drink, sit back and relax! 😉

peach bra spring sale

First, there’s the spring sale. Refresh your entire bra wardrobe with our buy 1 bra, get 1 bra 50% off this month! All of our peach bras are included in this sale, some key bralettes , both elila bras, and the beautiful Sophia Rose… Here are some details on our peach bras:

peach bra spring sale
peach bra spring sale!

the captivating demi – This style lifts, supports and rounds the breast – For moderate to large breasts. Our Demi can be turned into a racerback. Because this bra has a high wire to the outside (for breast containment), it makes it a great bra for a fuller breast. The result is an apple-shaped breast with perhaps a little cleavage? 😉
the everyday – This style lifts, supports and separates – For moderate to small breasts. This bra works similar to a full-coverage bra, but for a woman who doesn’t have as much breast tissue.
the lovely full coverage – This style lifts, supports and separates, as well and is your go to if you simply would like full coverage but the everyday is not in your size range. This bra is great for a full breast.
and the plunge – This style lifts and centers. It’s a great option for fuller breasted women who’d love a date-night bra! ;D

All of these bras fit best on specific body types, too. If you would like help with choosing which bras will work best for you (recommended) just email me. I get notifications when I receive email, and I can usually answer you right back. Or you can text me, and I will get back to you that way, too! Or message me through my page peach Personal Stylist on Facebook! Here’s a tip when choosing bras, choose at least 2 different styles, and just ship back the bras that don’t work. I can help you with creating a free return shipping label. I am also available via video to help you determine which bra is your best fit. I’m here to help you!

This BOGO sale is valid now through 5/18/2017, 11:59 PM PDT. It’s applied automatically at checkout meaning no promo code is needed. Just stick to the bras that are included in the sale, which I have linked to above and here. Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions! And now….

a shift to athleisure 

Are you looking for trendy, yet comfy clothes that you can wear all day? peach is your source for this craze called athleisure, and we are doubling down on how much of it we offer! We’ve felt the demand, and we are here to please! We now feature capsule collections of outfits (including bralettes!) and items from under-discovered entrepreneurs that will help you finish the look.

a shift to athleisure - discover peach - katie dress
a shift to athleisure!

Let me first start with our new collection. In 2017, peach will have 5 “seasons”. This season, Discover peach has introduced, “Life in Motion” clothing. This is our comfortable, versatile, athletic-inspired collection for play, work, gym, and everywhere in between. I’ll add a picture of my favorite piece from the current collection – the katie dress. It is made with our French Terry material, with mesh to about the elbow, it’s soft and it’s stretchy! It is a one piece that you can throw on, and just add shoes, but I will wear it with a belt, and some knee-high boots. You could also dress it down, and use it as a very nice beach cover up.

There are seven other pieces in our collection for this season, or you can select different colors to make it twelve pieces. I’m only featuring a pic with my favorite piece here. I also have the jenna long sleeve top, which I wear with the pink ruby strappy sports bra, and the pink ruby tie dye v ankle print leggings. I was decked out in that gear when I went on some errands a few days ago, and I got a lot of looks! I enjoy my ricky long sleeve pullover, which I pair with one of our items that we’ve offered for a while longer, the french terry jogger. I love these clothes!

Everyone is loving athleisure! It was once thought to be just a simple trend, but it’s now proving to be a pillar of contemporary fashion. It’s stylish, functional, and totally comfortable! Try finding if your favorite celebrities are wearing this kind of casual loungewear, and let me know what you find! This type of activewear (including footwear) is expected to grow by nearly $100 billion in less than three years according to Morgan Stanley. Have you noticed that the word, “athleisure” has carved its own spot in the dictionary? Yes! Its definition is: “a style of clothing worn as athletic apparel but also suitable for casual, everyday wear”. It’s goes on to say: “Athleisure looks great whether you’re working out or just running errands”. Hahaha! So true! 😉 

athleisure and under-discovered entrepreneurs

If you notice in the picture, the model is holding a silver purse, right? That’s not a prop! peach has not only shifted to bring you more elevated atheisure outfits, we’ve also become a platform for entrepreneurs to bring incredible under-discovered products into your hands! Items that you may not have been able to find anywhere else. The silver tote, made with premium genuine leather, is offered by peach! We also have a clutch and a wristlet that come in black, silver, and rose gold. You can view the entire story here: Discover bags.

stack and style bracelet licorice
stack and style bracelets – Discover peach – licorice

The entrepreneur we are currently bringing to you offers a cute and interesting item because it’s so relatable. Do you always have a scrunchy on your wrist like most of us? You know, to tie your hair into a pony tail whenever you need? They tend to be boring and plain, don’t they? I like to hide mine under my sleeve whenever I can. Lol! There’s another option out there, ladies! Check out all of this wrist candy right here: Stack and Style bracelets! I’ll show you my fave! It’s licorice. The other fashion-forward bracelets, which are named amaretto, cosmo, macchiato, and night cap, are all beautiful alternatives to the scrunchy. These are made by two female entrepreneurs who were tired of wearing a scrunchy for a bracelet when we all know it isn’t. These are, however! Stack and Style bracelets, to be exact! You can put them on your wrist in any order you choose, then when you’re ready to put your hair up, they double as pony tail holders. There are five other color combinations, like I named above, for you to be able match with your outfits (or your athleisure rather). 😉

Stay tuned for something called Thrive. I’m going to save that for its own blog, but I have to mention it. This is a training that I participate in every Thursday based on positive psychology. It involves learning how to use a strengths-based approach to not only work, but everything in life. Our beautiful, fearless leader, peach CEO & Co-founder, Janet Kraus, is bringing this to you through a community called Thrive – coming soon! You can learn a little more about it in her letter on the Discover peach Blog. It’s called Owning your strengths through positive psychology. I had to tell you that!!

In closing

Don’t forget about the peach bra spring sale! I know I’ve covered a lot of information in this blog. But, this is a generous sale that gives us the opportunity to stock up on what I consider to be the best bras I’ve ever had in my entire life. Though, I must admit, I am beyond excited and looking forward to the future with this shift to athleisure!! 😀

peach Personal Stylist,
Kelly Cavanaugh