Discover peach

Discover peach

I’ve been helping ladies around Lafayette, LA discover peach, but have you heard about it? peach is the best new way to shop for bras, but we’re not just a bra company. We’re panties and loungewear, we’re cutting edge technology, we’re turning our nose up at any notion of exclusive beauty. We are empowering women to do the same! Finally, we are offering a business opportunity to women, that I can tell you about. You can email me anytime, and I’ll tell you a little about it here. Let me first start with how I’ve been helping ladies discover peach so far.

My peach launch

Now this truly starts over a decade ago if I’m to tell the story properly. I was having problems with getting my roots done the right way by anyone. So I happened to walk into a salon that was new to me, with an old friend. I told the salon owner (who was dying my friend’s hair red) that I didn’t want anything done because no one ever gets it right. The salon owner, Angela, a loud and friendly fashionista, insisted she could get my hair as blonde as I wanted it. I was skeptical, but I went ahead with it, and my hair came out fantastic!!

discover peach
Sally from peach, inc. for the discover peach launch

And it has every time for the past 10 years that I’ve been going to Angela’s Hair Studio. In that time, Angela and I have become great friends, so she was kind enough to let me use her salon in Broussard, LA, for my peach launch.

peach headquarters had Sally, from corporate, fly here from New York to give me one-on-one training to be the very best bra fitter that I can be. Sally was so knowledgeable and friendly all at once. I love to learn, so we were a perfect match! We measured ladies with peach’s 10 point patented measurement system, and Sally taught me little tips that you can only learn by getting trained from someone in corporate! I’m so happy by the way it all turned out. I want to thank Sally for coming from New York, and everyone else who came!

Here is one shot of Sally that Angela got, because we forgot to take pictures! Sally is standing right above the full run of bras, and to her right is part of the full collection of peach basics.

That picture of Sally is actually a screenshot that I grabbed from a video that Angela took for about 20 seconds. One shot that I almost posted here is Sally talking to a 14 year old girl about our bralette, which is perfect for that age group. We have 2 bralettes. One is made by peach, the other is made by Wacoal. They are under Wireless Bras when you go to the site. This is something perfect for tweens, or for woman with a slighter frame.

peach panties and loungewear

If you’d like to see some of our peach matching panties, and loungewear, I post a lot of that on my peach Personal Stylist Facebook page. You can click that and go to Facebook and follow that page for the latest updates on peach. I always post when we have new arrivals, and give you lots of sneak peeks!

The peach revolution

I would love if you would check out the peach “about us” page! You might find a little picture like this:

Peach co-founders Derek Ohly and Janet Kraus.
peach co-founders Derek Ohly and Janet Kraus.

Haha! Yes, you might see that! This was one of my first Facebook posts, but that picture didn’t have the sleek transparent background like this one. As the caption reads, these are the masterminds behind that which is peach. Co-founders Derek Ohly and Janet Kraus. I would have to reserve an entire blog to try to describe all the achievements made by these two successful individuals, and then another blog to describe how impressed I am by both of them. And remember, great minds… 🙂

That about us page will also go into more detail about how we use data from thousands of women (and growing), and an algorithm to help us recommend the best fitting bra for you. peach engineers bras! Put that together with beautiful design, and you’ve got the art of science of peach. You’ll see that right below the pic of Janet and Derek. Oh, and read the part where it says, “Our story is bigger than bras“. That’s another one of the things I love so much about peach!! We’re transforming the way women think and feel about themselves by creating a new standard of beauty. One that allows women to feel comfortable and sexy in their own skin. One that allows women to look in the mirror and love what they see. Not only are we disrupting the entire intimate apparel industry with our message, but we’re really helping women look and feel better.

When you have a bra that fits you correctly, you will naturally stand up taller, and look slimmer. Your posture will be better. You’re also starting base layer forward, and changing the look of your outfit for the better. A bra that has been properly measured just for you, helps you feel empowered, and confident. Who doesn’t mind a perkier bust along with that? 😉

Discover peach
Discover peach

One final part that brings it all together is the “secret sauce” as we’re referred to on that page. Stylists! I’m a peach Personal Stylist in Lafayette, LA, and I’m looking for friendly, enthusiastic women who think BIG. If you don’t live in Louisiana, that is not a problem at all. I’ve worked in direct sales for many years with people from all over Canada and the United States – and successfully. 🙂 I am able to spot an opportunity, and I’ve got one! As an early stylist, I’m helping build and shape peach as a company. I also have the opportunity to inspire and help women – as a job! I am very excited about this career opportunity! So are all the other girls. peach is an amazing community of a little less than 300 very supportive women, and the compensation plan alone is enough to get excited over! The company is fun, and it on a mission that needs to be done. You can message me about it, and ask me more because this could change everything for you. It’s your turn to discover peach!

Kelly Cavanaugh
peach Personal Stylist Kelly Cavanaugh

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