peach Personal Stylist Kelly Cavanaugh

peach Personal Stylist Kelly Cavanaugh

Hate shopping for a bra? You’re not alone. In fact, 95% of women told peach they hate shopping for bras! Never fear – you’re amongst friends! But who’s peach? I’m glad you asked! peach is an innovative new brand and women’s company that is changing everything about the way we shop for bras, panties, basics, and loungewear – all of the stuff we need to refresh, but never find time to do it! But, our mission is so much bigger than bras..

peach Personal Stylist Kelly Cavanaugh
peach Personal Stylist Kelly Cavanaugh

I’m peach Personal Stylist Kelly Cavanaugh; I am here to help you find time to fill your top two drawers with items that make you feel and look beyoutiful! It all starts with a properly fitting bra. You’ve waited long enough! You know that 80% of women are walking around in a bra that doesn’t fit? I’m here to change all that for you, too! I’ve been expertly trained to fit you in your best-fitting bra – ever! Not only that, but peach has collected data from thousands of women, has a 10-point patented measuring system, and uses its own algorithm – cutting edge technology –  to recommend your bra! We feel your pain, and want you to experience your bra-ha moment!

A new way to shop for bras

No longer do you have to contort your body to look through racks of bras, fighting your way around a retail store, (possibly with your children) trying to get the attention of the salesclerk to ask if your bra size might be “in the back”. No longer do you have to settle on a size, get home, and think about returning it, but don’t, cause that would just be another hassle, right?

peach picture with text, "95% of women tell peach they hate shopping for bras and intimates"
women’s experience shopping for bras

peach has reinvented this entire experience! Here’s how it works: I bring the dressing room to you. Whether it be in person if you’re near Lafayette, LA, or if you’re in another state, we can do a one-on-one virtual fitting by phone. I will go through the 10 points of measurement with you, and make sure you do them accurately to ensure a proper fit. You see my samples, because we have lots of other things besides bras. Who doesn’t love matching panties, right? We have life-changing basics. Why are they life changing? Modal. The incredibly luxurious and silky soft botanic fiber that feels like a dream. When materials have a high share of Modal, the finer and softer it will be! We offer all of your layering items, and even sleepwear! We’ve got that, too.

Don’t worry, you’ll never have to step foot in a dressing room again. We know it’s a bad experience, and I provide the solution by coming to you, (or a group of your friends) to your home, equipped with expert bra-fitting knowledge, and ongoing training to discover your perfect fit. Once measured, we place an order for your bra, and you could receive 2-4 bras. Upon receiving your bras, we will connect again, assess the fit, and determine which is your perfect bra! Any bras that were not absolutely perfect, you can give to me, and I will return them for you, or you can ship them back free of charge! You will not be left to fend for yourself at any time during this process. I will help you every step of the way! I care about your experience!

The peach way

peach has changed the entire experience! You’re in your home, instead of a yucky dressing room, and you have your pick from beautiful, quality bras that fit the best ever! I am there to help with all of your needs. This is the art and science of peach.

🍑 contact me to schedule a fitting
🍑 the fitting and order
🍑 you receive your order
🍑 we connect to assess the fit

From that point on, you can go to the peach website, and order anything yourself! You need my help only once – for the first time, to be fitted for our measured-to-fit bras.

flower with text, "peach has changed the bra-shopping experience"
peach offers an at-home solution to shopping for bras and intimates

We want you to feel beyoutiful in your own skin. We do not oversexualize our lingerie. We’re revolutionizing it! We’re creating a new standard of beauty, that you define on your own. When you’re fitted in your perfect bra, it makes you stand taller, look slimmer, feel better and look fabulous. This is your bra-ha moment. This is a moment of empowerment.

You could be part of the 80% of women who are in the wrong bra. When I first joined peach, not only did I discover my best fit, but I found luxury in bras and basics. I also discovered that I was not a size. At peach, your bra is not defined by a size. You are what fits. You can now begin to truly love your top two drawers, and say goodbye to the dressing room drama. You and your friends can get together to make buying bras and panties a fun experience now!

If this is something you’re excited about, you can place your order on the website for basics now, or if you’d like to get measured for one of our bras, (with your friends or just you) contact me – Kelly Cavanaugh, your peach Personal Stylist!

With love,
Kelly Cavanaugh  🙂
peach Stylist Kelly Cavanaugh

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